March 17, 2020

Is your digital marketing strategy running out of steam? Are potential customers unsubscribing from email lists, blocking your digital website ads, or ignoring your social media posts? A robust email marketing strategy may not be enough to grow your business. Email blasts tend to have disappointing open and click-through rates, and many emails will end up in bottomless "spam" and "junk" folders. If your message does happen to reach the inbox, it now has to compete with dozens (even hundreds) of other marketing email messages. If only there were a way to efficiently and effectively send promotional messages, special offers, and announcements directly to your highest-value customers without wondering if they will read your message! Luckily, text message marketing is an emerging, must-have service for businesses of all sizes. As smartphone ownership and text message usage have skyrocketed in recent years, your marketing strategy needs to adapt to the latest trends and techniques. An opt-in text message marketing campaign can accelerate your business goals. Thankfully, text message marketing for car dealers is an easy sell with platforms like MobiPop. They help businesses set up and maintain customized digital text message marketing strategies for maximum results.

Discover how valuable text message marketing can be to your business

The numbers surrounding promotional text messages speak for themselves: approximately 98% of all text messages that are received are opened, and the overwhelming majority are read within 3 minutes. That beats the abysmal open rate for marketing and advertising emails, which hovers around 20%. What does this mean for you and your business? Not only will you be engaging high-value leads (read: new customers), you will also have the confidence of knowing that almost all of your recipients will see and read your message! There is even more value to uncover when it comes to text message marketing for car dealers. According to SMS Comparison, customers now prefer to be contacted via text message over traditional phone calls. People are becoming more comfortable “talking” to businesses over text messages, so taking advantage of this shift is a no-brainer! If your goal is to drive traffic to a landing page, text messages are the way to go. On average, 1 in 10 recipients will click-through to a website from a promotional text message.

How can I get started on my text message marketing campaign?

Car dealerships both big and small are perfect candidates for text message marketing campaigns. It might seem daunting to get started, but MobiPop will help you customize a plan that is perfect for your business. How it works: in-store messaging invites current or potential customers to opt-in to your promotional text messages. When your dealership has a special event, promotion, or announcement, your MobiPop guru will help you set up a text message blast that delivers your message at a specific date and time. You can also drive your text message recipients to a customized landing page. As a bonus, MobiPop will help import your existing customer list and invite them to join your text message list. Imagine your customers learning about your holiday savings event or end-of-year clearance sale the next time they look at their smartphone! It is no wonder why text message marketing for car dealers is catching on. If you're ready to take the first step and begin strategizing your new text message marketing campaign, contact MobiPop by visiting their website at, or send an email to

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