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The MobiPop System grows your business with a state-of-the-art digital business card paired with a key word and short code to build a subscriber list for text message marketing!  Bringing it all together, Your MobiPop Marketing Box is chock full of marketing materials;  taking you far beyond ordinary digital marketing.

Turn Potential Customers

Into Loyal Followers

MobiPop Meet Jill

Meet “Jill”She likes to
be in the know

MobiPop Left Arrow

“Jill” is Intrigued by Your Sign in the Window

Sweet Shop MobiPop

“Jill” Enters in Your Keyword “SWEET” and Receives Her First Offer

MobiPop Arrow Right

MobiPop Keyword
MobiPop Phone Coupon

“Jill” is excited about this sweet treat and shares it by text with two friends to come and join her

MobiPop Arrow Right

Now “Jill” is in your subscriber list and you can text her offers and event info

MobiPop Left Arrow
MobiPop Jill Subscribe List

Our MobiPop Community

Here is what our MobiPop Community Members are raving about! Interactive, Digital MobiPop Cards, a mobile billboard and engageable SMS campaigns that drive clients right to their products and services! Not to mention the MobiPop Marketing Box. Take a look and meet our Community members.

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